Deal Card Animations

Infect Animations


Before I continued to start the Action Functionality portion of the project, I decided it would be worthwhile to add Redux to the project because most of the game state was set up in the main Parent component and I was passing a lot of props down to different children components. It was also easier to view most of the game data in Redux dev tools and it helps organize the code.

Player Turn

During this release, I worked on all 3 player turn phases and all the actions except Share Knowledge. Share Knowledge functionality will be created during the 2 – 4 player release of this project since it is not needed for a single-player game.

Phases 2 and 3 of a player’s turn to draw cards were already programmed in the Game Setup sprint so I was able to reuse that code by passing different parameters into the draw card functions.

    Player Turn Phases

  1. A player gets 4 actions during their turn and can choose from any of the movement and other actions shown below
  2. After a player took 4 actions, 2 Player Cards are drawn
  3. Flip over the infections cards referencing the infection tracker for the amount to flip over. Infect the cities with 1 cube each. If a city has 3 cubes, an outbreak occurs

    Movement Actions

  • Drive – Move to a city directly connected to the current player’s city
  • Direct Flight – Discard a city card to move to the city on the card
  • Charter Flight – Discard a city card that matches the city you are in to move to any city
  • Shuttle Flight – Move from a city with a research station to any research station city

    Other Actions

  • Build a Research Station - Discard a city card that matches the city you are in and place a research station
  • Treat Disease – Remove 1 disease cube from the city you are in
  • Share Knowledge – Trade city cards with a player if you are both in the same city and one player has the city card matching the city the players are in
  • (Share knowledge To be developed during 2nd release)
  • Discover a Cure – At a research station, discard 5 city cards of the same color to cure a disease